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Clients testimonials

As a rider suffering from M.E. and severe anxiety I have always found riding to be a great release and a source of happiness, however, when faced with a horse I had bought who was more than I could manage as a novice and a disabled rider I felt like giving up completely.


Along came Leonie, a breath of fresh air, who is not only incredibly experienced and skilled with horses, able to give you technical advice, but she is down to Earth, makes things very easy to understand and gives you an honest opinion, offering her free time to help in any way she can. Not only has she helped me assess Guin and our situation but she has given us a renewed faith with a constant smile and words of encouragement, always on hand at any time to answer any questions you may have out of hours as well, making you feel like no question is a silly one.


I cannot thank Leonie enough for always being there for me when I need an honest opinion and advice on where we can improve or how I can help my horse, and the relationship Guin and I have is growing because of that. I would recommend her to riders of all abilities, she is invaluable to us! Caroline Murphy and Guinivere


I have only known Leonie for a short period of time and have been having lessons once a month with her for the last 4/5 months, and I cannot believe the difference in both me and my horse in this period of time.  My mare is not the most straight forward of horses and she can over react in an unpleasant way if I ask for something in a way that she is not happy with. Leonie has really helped me to understand how to work 'with' my horse and how I can get inside her head and we have progressed more in the last few months than in any other period since I have owned her in the last 5 years!!


Leonies teaching is sympathetic to both horse and rider, however, do not interpret sympathetic as easy!!! She really pushes me and gets the best out of me whilst also recognising when my horse needs a treat of a little break on a long rein - very insightful teaching.


I truly believe that I have found an instructor that suits both my style and my horses quirks and I would encourage anyone to take lessons with Leonie as I believe that her style and approach would be a benefit to any horse and rider combination. I would not have believed that my horse and I could perform the way we are now, we have found a gear that we did not know we had!!  Jess Turner and Pepsi


Leonie is not just a very experienced horsewoman, but very intuitive too in her teaching. There is no 'one size fits all approach', and she is very good at pinpointing what works for individual clients to fit with their learning style and what motivates them - technically and psychologically. She takes an honest interest in everyone's progress and clearly enjoys helping combinations improve at any level. She is not afraid to provide constructive criticism. I run regular clinics for her at Lanehead Stables in Rochdale and they are constantly booked up, because she is so popular. I receive lots of amazing feedback after each clinic. It is a pleasure to be Leonie's friend and client. Jaime Sanderson and Uno


I've known Leonie for several years, and she has always brought the best out in me and the horses I've had.  She is a ray of sunshine, with endless patience and encouragement. Someone who really cares about her pupils and their horses.  She makes you believe you can achieve beyond your expectations, and before you know it you are doing so.  If you need advice, anytime, she is happy to give it.  No matter what level you or your horse are at, Leonie gives clear sympathetic instruction. I always come away from my lessons having taken a step forward.  Leonie is not only an amazing instructor and rider, but a lovely person who has helped me achieve more that I ever dreamt I would.  One very special lady - thanks for everything Leonie XxX Jill Riley and Bru


I was introduced to Leonie just six month's ago and she trains me with my two dressage horses who both have problems at each end of the scale. One is a backward thinking warmblood project ( a previous trainer told me to 'send him back' !) and one is an advanced medium hot headed mare.  


The difference in both of them is evident after even such a short time. Even the backward horse has made his Elementary debut!  Apart from Leonie's extensive knowledge and abilty to impart that knowledge in such a way which makes it easy to implement, Leonie LOVES to teach.


My background is BD judge for over 25 years, BHS Intermediate instructor running my own riding school and Leonie has inspired me to try harder and realise my dream of competing advanced  If I could afford to, I would have a lesson every day with Leonie.  Leonie is a gifted trainer. Simples !


Julie Davis Bennett, Heather and Donnerelastic

I started training with Leonie back in 2009, when i was not very confident with my first horse who was youngster and very green (him and me).  Leonie made us both feel very welcome and we have come a long way in the last 3 ½ years from being nervous to trot around a strange 20 x 60m arena to cantering in arenas the other side of the country ;qualifying for petplan area festivals, being selected for the bd senior inter regional’s in Keysoe, Bedfordshire at prelim and most recently putting together a novice freestyle to music where we came 2nd in our first competition!


I’d like to thank Leonie for all your help and guidance, she is always there on the end of the phone and gives you honest informative advice and I’ve often come out of my lessons not believing what my horse and I have achieved! There is no limit with Leonie training us and I’m always looking forward to our next lesson! Thank you Leonie from Rhia and Murph (Worcestershire) xx


I have been training with Leonie for about three years now and I can honestly say I would be lost without her.  I have a big strapping horse who is very sweet but also very clever and he can be very strong.  I am very small and no match for his strength.  With Leonie's excellent teaching methods that fill you with confidence and her exstensive knowledge of the correct scales of training she has transformed us both from being a rider with a seat best suited to steeplechasing and a horse that flew round the arena unbalanced and unable to canter a circle without falling over.  We now resemble a pair that look very much in place in the dressage arena and my horse is a dream to ride and i now have a correct position that i can use to influence my horse and help him give his best.  Leonie has a solution for every problem you might come across training your horse and her knowledge seems to be never ending.She is equally excellent at training both horse and rider and instinctively knows how much to push horse and rider to get the best out of them without over doing it.


I am so glad I found Leonie and I think my horse would say the same if he could talk.


Thanks Leonie xxx  Holly Bradly and Mesinero

Holly Square