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Want to feel more secure in the saddle or improve your sitting trot? Do your heels always ride up to far or go down too low?  Leonie has traned with Mary Wanless a Ride with your mind Coach and has the solutions to all positional problems!

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Develop suppleness ancore strength with these hugely popular polework sessions. From improving your medium trot to making the canter more adjustable or improving balance in transitions these exercises are invaluble!

        2 clinics a month


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In Hand Work

Struggling to teach your horse to half pass or leg yield?  Having issues with tension in the rein back or want to start to teach piaffe?  In hand work can help with all these things and is like yoga for horses promoting suppleness and relaxation as well as developing feel and a bond with your horse. These sessions can also include spook busting !

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RC Clinics


Leonie has monthly clinics with a reduces rate for riding club members.  Also open to non members with the following clubs;


Worcester and District

Chris Rose


Email for dates and to book here

Email for dates and to book here

Email for dates and to book here

Email for dates and to book here