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Bert is a 10 year old Friesian gelding by Heinse 354.  We are hoping he will follow in his father's footsteps and become an advanced dressage horse.  Heinse 354 was National champion in Holland before being imported to the USA where he competed to PSG level before he sadly died in 2009.


Bert found me while at a training camp in March 2014 in Chesire as his owner was finding him a bit too much for her and it was love at first sight!  He is such a kind and genuine horse who always tries so hard to please you.  Bert came to me with  mounting issue but with patience and understanding he is now starting to trust people and will stand happily to be mounted.  He loves cantering round the fields and goes hacking at least twice a week.


At his first show he managed to get a whopping 82% and has continued to impress the judges with his loose paces and his ability to engage. He has a fabulous trainable temperament and always tried so hard.  He is working towards advanced level with signs of a mega piaffe and passage so I will aim to train him to Grand Prix!


So far Bert has qualified for nationals at medium and MFS medium, come in the top 10 at regionals at novice, elementary medum and advanced medium and will be doing his first PSG soon.  We are currently training with Richard Davidson who agrees his piaffe and canter pirouettes will be his best movements!


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