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Testimonials from clients....

“Along came Leonie, a breath of fresh air, who is not only incredibly experienced and skilled with horses, able to give you technical advice, but she is down to Earth, makes things very easy to understand and gives you an honest opinion, offering her free time to help in any way she can.”

"Apart from Leonie's extensive knowledge and abilty to impart that knowledge in such a way which makes it easy to implement, Leonie LOVES to teach."

“There is no 'one size fits all approach', and she is very good at pinpointing what works for individual clients to fit with their learning style and what motivates them - technically and psychologically."

"Leonie has a solution for every problem you might come across training your horse and her knowledge seems to be never ending.She is equally excellent at training both horse and rider and instinctively knows how much to push horse and rider to get the best out of them without over doing it."

To book your lesson, call Leonie on

07793 553717

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